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Grammatical Sketch and Short Vocabulary of the Ogiek Language of Mariashoni

Ilaria Micheli

Editore: EUT Edizioni Università di Trieste Collana: ATrA Aree di transizione linguistiche e culturali in Africa
pp. 146 ISBN: 9788883039744
ed. 2018 eISBN: 9788883039751
Formati: Stampa, eBook
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Ogiek is a Nilo-Saharan, Satellite-Core, Core, Eastern Sudanic, Southern, Nilotic, Southern, Kalenjin language spoken by a community of Hunters and Gatherers living in the region of the Eastern Escarpement of the Mau Forest in Kenya. In the framework of a still very poorly described linguistic family, this work represents a first, non exhaustive and tentative descriptive grammatical sketch of the dialect spoken by the circa 15.000 Ogiek belonging to the 7 clans of the Morisionig family. The book contains also a short vocabulary of the language, where 646 Ogiek entries are recorded. The vocabulary is completed by a corresponding English-Ogiek wordlist.