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Practical Rationality in Political Contexts

Facing Diversity in Contemporary Multicultural Europe

Gabriele De Anna and Riccardo Martinelli (edited by)

Editore: EUT Edizioni Università di Trieste
pp. 211 ISBN: 9788883038099
ed. 2016 eISBN: 9788883038105
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Multicultural societies constitute a challenge for our institutions, for individual members of our communities, and for intermediate entities, such as families, schools, businesses, professional associations. Our present condition puts our practical reasons under considerable stress, so that we need to face this question: how can we best deploy our cognitive and volitional capacities, in order to overcome the challenges that we need to face? The original essays included in this volume tackle this question by relying on the authors’ joint research on practical reason. The essays focus on various kinds of cultural diversity in Europe, both within its borders and in its international relations, and consider the philosophical significance that different disciplines (ranging from linguistics, to sociology, to literary criticism) may have in understanding how disagreement and agreement can be managed in our societies.