Elsa Nervo

A Traditional Pharmacopoeia of the Baka Pigmies

An Account of the Flora of Equatorial Africa traditionally used by the Baka Pigmies of Cameroon

Publication of this book is part of the activities of the Centro Interdipartimentale di Studi e Ricerche sull’Etnobiofarmacia (CISTRE) (Interdepartmental Centre for the Study and Research of Ethno-biopharmacy) of the University of Pavia. One of its objectives is the study and analysis of the remedies used in Traditional Medicine in order to identify and optimize the active constituents responsible for any  pharmaceutical and therapeutic properties. CISTRE is connected with various populations in different  countries of the world. It has been working with them for several years on this subject, in an attempt to give a scientific value to the use of the plants employed by the local people. Collaboration with the Baka Pygmies of Cameroon, who agreed  to let their remedies be tested scientifically, led to the studies on some plants of Cameroon that often gave a validation of the use the Pygmies make of them. After publication of the first volume in Italian in the Acta Ethnica series on the “Farmacopea tradizionale dei Pigmei Baka”, CISTRE considered it important to increase circulation of the research made in this sector by publishing a similare volume in English. With this second edition, which, compared with the Italian  version, has been designed for a wider audience and to furnish more ethno-botanical informations, CISTRE of the University of Pavia intends to continue its small, but dedicated, chain of publications on the traditional remedies of little known ethnic peoples from several countries in the world. Our books also cover other aspects of the everyday life of these people, worthy of the attention of a more vast public who respect their multiplicity and cultural and social expressions.