Marco E. Ciriotti , Lorenza Fascio, Marco Pasero

Italian type minerals

Ediz. inglese

This book describes one by one all the 264 mineral species first discovered in Italy, from 1546 up to the end of 2008. Moreover, 28 minerals discovered elsewhere and named after Italian individuals and institutions are included in a parallel section. Both chapters are alphabetically arranged. The two catalogues are proceded by a short presentation which includes some bits of information about how the volume is organized and subdivided, besides providing some other more general news. For each mineral al basic data (chemical formula, space group symmetry, type locality, general appearance of the species, main geologic occurrences, curiosities references, etc.) are included in a full page, together with one or more high quality colour photographs from both private and museum collections, and with small snapshots either of people or of places, after which each mineral took its name. As appendices, lists of Italian mineral sorted by crystal chemical classifications, by region, by mineralogical district, and by year of discovery, a list of authors who first described each mineral, besides general references are given, too.