Kenichi konishi, Paolo Rossi, Massimo D'Elia, Enrico Meggiolaro

Sense of Beauty in Physics

A volume in honour of Adriano Di Giacomo

This volume contains a collection of papers written by friends, former students and colleagues of Adriano Di Giacomo on the occasion of his 70th birthday. Adriano di Giacomo is Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Pisa and has been  a leading figure figure in that field. This volume is meant to celebrate that "sense of beauty" in Physics that has always represented a guiding principle in his long career both as a teacher and as a researcher. The authors are active researchers and recognized experts at international level and the papers published in this volume cover a large variety of subjects in fundamental Physics such as Elementary Particle Physics, Quantum Field Theory, Quantum Chromo-Dynamics, Lattice Gauge Theories, Statistical Mechanics and so forth, so providing a valuable reference for all active researchers in these fields.